How to connect singing machine to tv and other devices

For years, Karaoke has been one of the fun and joyful ways of spending time with your family and friends. Technology made incredible advancements in terms of everything. As a result, you can find thousands of virtual karaoke systems everywhere. From café, clubs, saunas to bars and restaurants, karaoke systems have become common. As a result, people who love karaoke sessions are often concerned about how to connect singing machine to TV.

Moreover, you can use the karaoke machines at various on-site events, especially for holidays or even corporate parties. Alternatively, if you love throwing karaoke parties can invest in home karaoke machines.

Karaoke systems a unique device, which can play various karaoke files with displays. The only difference is in the karaoke tracks, and you will not get any vocal parts. However, the karaoke machine that connects to TV comes with song lyrics on screen.

Do you want to host karaoke parties in your home? Well, you can get a karaoke machine that connects to iPad. It will no doubt make your birthday parties exciting. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the true essence of karaoke nights. Let us now check out how you can connect the machine to various wireless devices.

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How to connect Singing Machine to Tablets?

You have to connect the tablet karaoke machine using a Bluetooth connection. Make sure that the karaoke machine you are buying has a Bluetooth connection. Next, before connecting, enable the machine and your tablet to search for the device.

Once your karaoke device shows your tablet or iPad, you have to pair the device. If the machine does not connect, find that both the devices are not connected to other devices. You have to use an AUX cable for connecting the AUX-in line with the headphone jack on your tablet.

How to connect Singing Machine to Smartphone?

Typically, connecting the Bluetooth karaoke machine is relatively easy, especially if you want to use it with your phone. For this, you have to make sure that the machine's Bluetooth discovery setting is on.

After that, you have to look for the machine for pairing. Once your phone karaoke device shows, you can connect both devices. If this step does not work, then you have to check if your phone or karaoke device is not connected with any other device.

How to connect Singing Machine to Laptop?

Mainly there are two different ways of how to connect singing machine to Bluetooth. Like every other wireless device, a laptop is yet another great option for connecting your karaoke devices. Using Bluetooth, you can connect the karaoke machine. All you have to do is make your karaoke machine discoverable just by switching on Bluetooth. Then, you have to look for the machine on your laptop's Bluetooth to pair it. Alternatively, if you want, you can connect the karaoke machine to your computer.

How to connect Singing Machine to Wireless Smart TV?

You can connect the karaoke device to a wireless smart TV. However, the method you choose to use will depend on the karaoke model and the TV. First, you have to switch on the Bluetooth discovery, setting present on the karaoke machine TV hookup.

After that, go to the TV settings, then the Bluetooth section, and look for the devices. The karaoke device will show the list of options. You have to pair the karaoke machine hookup with TV. If the karaoke machine is not shown on the TV list, then chances are there that the karaoke device has a connection to other devices.

Similarly, if your TV is not connected, make sure to disconnect your TV from other devices to connect the singing device.

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Connect karaoke machine with a wired device

You can connect it with wires devices like you set up the Bluetooth karaoke machine with wireless devices. From wired smart TV to standard televisions, you can easily connect your karaoke devices with the wired devices,

  • Wired smart TV

Most karaoke machines that hook up to TV needs RCA connection cable. The cable mainly splits into three different connections, white, yellow, and red wire. All you have to do is connect the colored wire of the karaoke machine with the TV. By doing this, you will be able to connect the karaoke machine. It is known as the AV connection.

You will get different AV connections, and you have to remember to which AV you connected the device. After that, you have to locate it on your TV. Visit the input sections of your TV and select the number of connections used for karaoke machines with TV hookups. The display will show on your TV.

Essential karaoke machine features

After finding out how to connect karaoke machine to various wired and wireless devices, it is necessary to know its features.

  • Availability of karaoke songs
    Make sure to choose a karaoke machine TV hookup that comes with above thousands of available songs. Besides, you must also check that you can switch between songs if you want. If you wish, you can keep downloading and keep adding songs to the smartcard.
  • Good sound quality
    Karaoke systems often come with different speakers. Usually, they do not generate good sound like the full-blown stereo systems. If you need a karaoke system for your house, it is best to connect it to stereo speakers. Never rely on the in-built speakers as stereo speakers have richer sound and easily blends with the songs.
  • Remote control feature
    Karaoke machine hookup to TV comes with music files as well as a vast playlist. As a result, remote control feature is necessary, as you will be able to look for the songs alphabetically. 


  1. Do karaoke machines come with a warranty?
    Yes, whenever you buy any karaoke machine from an authorized dealer, you will get the manufacturer's warranty, which is necessary.

  2. Can children operate karaoke machines?
    With regular karaoke machines, it becomes easy for kids to use the karaoke machines.

  3. Do the karaoke machines work as Bluetooth speakers?
    Based on the connectivity, karaoke machines can work as Bluetooth speakers.

  4. Is it necessary to buy amplifiers for karaoke machines?
    Some machines are designed for karaoke DJ others are solely designed for home use. Normally, the amplifier that you get with karaoke machines is enough to run four speakers.

Therefore, you can connect karaoke machines to various devices in these few ways. The information mentioned above can help you to know about how to connect singing machine to TV.

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