Bose 251 Review – Bose 251 vs 151 SE

Bose has proven to be the best when it comes to portable, mountable, and easy to install audio systems. When it comes to environmental speakers or outdoor speakers, Bose 251 is one of the most trusted and highly-rated. However, some users say that the Bose 151 SE cuts better. Find out why this is a good choice and why it is compared with the 151 SE in this comparison review.




  • Easy to set up outdoors
  • With a water-resistant casing
  • Can withstand extremes in weather and temperature
  • With minimal distortion
  • Good bass sound


  • No controls to make adjustments
  • No slot port tuner to reduce turbulence
  • These are wired speakers
  • No external controls for tuning

What is Bose 251?

The Bose 251 is a pair of outdoor speakers that are designed to provide good sound quality even when it's installed outdoors. It is easy to set up in any outdoor area such as nearby the pool, along the driveway, or in your garden. Because this speaker comes with a water-resistant composite case, it is tough to take the extremes in temperature; from extreme heat to the toughest cold.

The Bose 251 comes with a built-in 5.25-inch woofer that lets you enjoy the sound with good bass with very little distortion possible. This is an articulated array speaker so the sound is clearer and more powerful when used outdoors and even indoors.

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Bose 251 Environmental Outdoor Speakers

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Key Features

Good sound quality

The Bose 251 offers good sound quality thanks to its multi-chamber bass cabinet. It has a 5.25-inch woofer inside a specially-designed enclosure for deep and full bass sounds with less distortion. 

Easy to set up indoors or outdoors

This pair comes with brackets and screws so there's no need to buy hardware. It's also easy to assemble and install indoors; use it in your family home theater, den, bedroom, home office, or game room. You can install it outdoors where it shines the most. Place it near the pool, in your garden, patio, or balcony.

This outdoor speaker comes with a special kind of bracket that will let you mount it horizontally or vertically according to your needs. All the hardware you need comes with your purchase and thus, you can install and use these right away the moment you take it out of the box.

With an articulated array design

A speaker with an articulated array design lets you enjoy a more consistent sound even when you move from side to side. This design works best outdoors when there's nothing to contain the sound. This speaker is also a good outdoor speaker model as the sound remains consistent on its left or right side. The sound field is strong and will also work when installed indoors.

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How are they different? Bose 251 vs 151 SE

The Bose 251 and 151 SE may look similar as they have almost the same cabinet design and comes with an articulated array speaker design. However, there are differences too. The casing of the 251 is made from composite material while the 151 SE cabinet is glass-filled polypropylene which is stronger and very reliable. The 151 SE has the Stereo Everywhere feature that guarantees balanced sound over the listening area.

 Bose 151 SE Environmental Speakers

Bose 151 SE

The Bose 151 SE is another articulated array speaker with precisely set drivers for a consistent and loud sound which is needed for outdoor use. This pair is slightly larger than the 251 and comes with a glass-filled polypropylene cabinet, making it more resistant to all types of extreme weather and climate.

No matter what type of outdoor weather you have: foggy, humid, hot, or freezing cold, the Bose 151 SE makes a good outdoor speaker system. You can install this vertically or horizontally according to what you need.

There are some advantages of the Bose 151 SE when it comes to sound quality. The Bose 151 SE has the Stereo Everywhere feature with balanced sound within the listening area compared to other speakers that produce sound in one direction. It is effective even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

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Although the 251 and the Bose 151 SE may have similar designs, you can easily tell that the 151 SE has a better cabinet as it is made from a stronger and more reliable material. This pair of speakers may be mounted horizontally or vertically and comes with complete mounting hardware as well.

But there are some advantages to the Bose 251 as well. This pair offers good sound, including improved low frequencies. The sound is more powerful as it is designed with a multi-chamber enclosure for deep and resounding bass. The 151 SE lacks bass, but it makes up for this with the Stereo Everywhere feature. This feature creates a balanced stereo sound on a vast area and thus benefits outdoor listeners better.

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  • What makes the Bose 251 a better outdoor speaker?
    The Bose 251 has a better sound, especially when it comes to deep bass sound thanks to its enhanced cabinet design, multi-chamber enclosure, and circuitry.

  • What makes the Bose 151 SE a better outdoor speaker?
    The Bose 151 SE is best when it comes to durability as it is made from polypropylene while the 251 is made from a composite material.

  • How to adjust the volume of an outdoor speaker like Bose 251?
    There are no volume controls on the Bose 251. To adjust the volume, you may adjust from the receiver or the device source.

  • How do outdoor speakers like the Bose 251 and 151 SE survive harsh weather and temperatures?
    The secret of outdoor speakers like the Bose 251 and 151 SE is their strong cabinet body. The stronger the speaker body, the more likely it can protect the circuits from weather and temperature extremes.

  • How are Boss speakers mounted?
    These Bose speakers come with mounting hardware (bracket and screws) so it’s easy to set up and install even after you take it from the box. You can mount this vertically or horizontally.

    What are the accessories included with your purchase of the Bose 151 SE and 251?
    The Bose 251 and 151 SE come with a compatible mounting bracket and screws. An instruction manual and a warranty card are also included.

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