Best Projectors With Bluetooth Audio 2022 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Relax and find yourself home if you are looking for one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio and Wi-Fi technology in today’s mission. Today, we will provide you with various solutions in the form of different projectors to help you enjoy quality music, cinema, games, and other content on your blazing external speakers or headphones.

In this guide, the projectors we will discuss are wisely chosen and highly recommended by those currently using them. We tested them by ourselves, and after spending hours, we came up with the top 10 solutions.

So, end anything you are currently doing and focus on this guide. Because you will thank us at the end of the day, let’s get started!

Top 3 Picks For The Best Projectors With Bluetooth Audio For Today:

To narrow down your decision and give your mind a perfect relief that you are spending your money on a high-end projector, we have selected these top 3 picks for you.

These are the best projectors on this list. Anyone getting these will have a lifetime solution for permanent projections, lamp life, durability, and more.

Moreover, even if you are in a hurry and cannot indulge in comprehensive reviews, give yourself a chance to trust us and pick any projector you like. We assure you that your selection will be worth it.


Reviews Of Top 10 Best Projectors With Bluetooth Audio:

This section will split every part of the top 10 projectors we have chosen for you. It will give you detailed knowledge about the features, working, reasons to buy, things we liked the most and things we don’t all about these projectors.

So, it is going to be a long day. Get yourself ready and keep pace to know better.

BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector: Editor’s Choice

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 5500 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 65000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 8000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1080p
  • Size: 76 x 10.51 x 5.47 inches
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount, Table Mount, Tripod Mount
  • Connectivity: MicroSD, VGA, USB, HDMI, DVD, and more
  • Unique Features: Built-In DVD, Bluetooth, Eyes Protection, up to 25-100% zoom, Hi-Fi Sound, and much more
BIGASUO Upgrade HD Bluetooth Projector

In-Depth Description:

Give your eyes the first look at this best projector with Bluetooth connectivity that is not just a projector. But it is also a DVD projector.

It doesn’t matter, even if you have some old Discs or DVDs. You can just insert them into this ideal projector and watch your favorite content without hassles.

The projector is very easy to use as even a newbie can operate its multiple features.

Enjoy true cinematic colors with FHD 1080p resolution giving you up to an 8000:1 contrast ratio. It ensures that everything you play or stream through this one must come qualitative on a bigger screen.

Using some high-quality coated lenses makes this projector product true and high-end picture production. The colors are rich, and the experience is on the next level.

Take it for its enhanced versatility and portability, as the compact size can be installed or placed anywhere inside your room.

It gives you 65000 hours of unbeatable lamp life that lasts longer to ensure you have spent your money on a quality projector.

Our team tested it personally; their experience was amazing because they didn’t find many issues with this machine.

Is It Worth Considering?

The projector has no significant reasons for not letting you spend your money on it because everything comes just perfectly. Here, you will find the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that ensures the enjoyment of Hi-Fi sounds.

It gives you two powerful built-in speakers. These are enough for having fun while watching the movies you like on a 200 inches bigger screen.

You can connect your headphones, speakers, and other devices with this projector easily, comfortably, and wirelessly without any issues.

Get it, and your happiness begins within yourself while sitting in your private room, enjoying the most favorite room.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Many consumers have used it and liked it with a 5-star rating
  • The projection quality of this device is superb
  • It comes with multiple connectivity options
  • The device is very handy, portable, and easy to bring anywhere
  • We tested that the movies can also be played in light
  • The DVD player and Bluetooth function work so well
  • High-end durability for longer run

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • It could go a little hot over the longer run

FANGOR 230″ Portable Movie Projector with Tripod: Runner Up

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 4500 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 65000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1080p
  • Size: 25 x 6.51 x 3.26 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tripod Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, HDMI, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, SD Card
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 230 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, 5W Hi-Fi stereo surround speaker, remote controlling,

In-Depth Description:

We rarely see projectors in the market that could reliably provide you with every feature you need for your on-demand projections. This FANGOR is one of them. Being the second of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio on this list, this strikes higher with its remarkably bigger screen of 230 inches. This screen doesn’t miss any pixels and provides quality cinema wherever or whenever you need it.

Don’t stay limited to home movies. Because with this projector and its tripod mounting facility, you can bring it with you to your most desired places.

Due to its compact size doesn’t cover much space and ensures that you can backpack it easily. When we bought it and ran it for testing, the image appeared so bright.

However, you might have a little issue with the brightness while using the projector under direct sunlight.

Except that everything comes up to the mark. Including the 10000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p native resolution, everlasting lamp life, and more gives you betterment in your life.

The amazing feature o screen mirroring with this projector lets you connect your mobile device with the projector wirelessly. And then, you can project that small screen on a relatively bigger screen.

Many connectivity options connect devices through VGA, HDMI, USB, AV, and more. Bring your laptop, computer, or SD card to make things possible, richer, brighter, and colorful.

Is It Worth Considering?

After using it, we concluded that the projector leaves no reasons not to be a part of your daily life. The specific feature of Bluetooth audio you are looking for works exceptionally amazing in this one.

Because Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect your Bluetooth devices for audio purposes through this projector.

So, enjoy the fun of movies and music by connecting your heavy-duty Bluetooth speakers with this projector.

However, you may not find your mobile supporting this via Bluetooth connectivity for transferring data.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Very portable and handy projector
  • Provides longer lamp life
  • Heavy duty-built in speakers
  • Excellent resolution
  • A bigger picture on a bigger screen
  • Utilizes LED technology with 6 layers of glass on the lens
  • Highly rated

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • The brightness is a bit low under sunlight
  • A little noisy

ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector: Best Budget

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 300 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
  • Internal Storage: 6GB
  • Native Resolution: 854x480p
  • Size: 96 x 1.59 x 5.83 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tripod Mount
  • Hardware Interface: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, up to 100 inches bigger screen, built-in battery of 6 hours life, Wi-Fi and smart UI technology,

In-Depth Description:

We added this project for you as one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio needs because it is for those with less budget.

It means that even if you don’t have enough money to spend on those giant projectors. If you still want to stream some marvelous scenes on a quality screen, your selection comes down to this type of quality projector.

This budget-friendly device doesn’t take much of your time to set it up. The time we measured in ultimately setting it and using it was almost 5 minutes.

It is very portable and weighs 1.5 pounds. It means you can have it on your never-ending journey and can watch your movies inside your camp.

It gives you up to 300 lumens of brightness, which is insufficient for bright light movie projection.

However, it is good for streaming your desired pieces in dark environments. The projector can easily project a 100 inches screen from 8 to 9 feet with its shorter throw lens.

However, the resolution is not that high. But it is what you get under such a budget meeting that if you don’t have enough to spend, you can still choose better.

Is It Worth Considering?

On all notes, the projector is valuable and worth considering because even on this less budget, the projector provides you with built-in dual Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers. These speakers provide quality audio for your musical and high-end cinema desires.

The best feature we liked about this projector is it is still providing you with enough connectivity even undervaluing on such a low budget. So, what else can you expect from a device like this?

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Ultra-portable with significantly less weight
  • Has quality connectivity for Bluetooth audio
  • There comes a built-in battery and internal storage for outdoor projection needs
  • Easy plug-and-play versatility
  • Smart and convenient stand

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • The projector is not for high-quality streaming
  • It doesn’t offer you brightness to project under direct light

VILINICE 7500L Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector: Highly Portable

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 7500 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 80000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000: 1 
  • Native Resolution: 1280x720P, with 1920x1080P
  • Screen Size: up to 240 inches
  • Size: ‎12.01 x 3.94 x 7.4 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 240 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, 5W Hi-Fi stereo surround speaker, and much more

In-Depth Description:

Do you want an extensive screen enriched with quality colors, high resolution, and streamlined performance on your wall?

VILINICE is here to make those dreams come true. With this one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio, be on time to watch the largest cinema on 240 inches screen. It fulfills all promises of durability, portability, versatility, and lifetime projection solutions.

With this projector, you will find up to 8000 lumens of brightness, ensuring that you can watch movies. Or project your presentations even if there is a direct light of the sun and you are standing in it.

There is no need to change the lamp again and again and spend extra money on it. Because with unending 80,000 hours of light, the lamp lasts longer than your expectations.

Have it on any table inside your room, and this will penetrate through your hearts, promising that whatever you should get must be qualitative.

We appreciate the brand for making such a refined piece of technology that offers such astonishing features. And even like that, it doesn’t leave its compact size and extra portability.

Is It Worth Considering?

This projector is not something you should get for a couple of months or more. It lasts for years, and realizes you have spent your money on a quality brand.

You will also find good Bluetooth audio connectivity to bring those heavy woofers near to it. Get amazing screen mirroring by using its Latest Wi-Fi feature.

Besides that, the multiple connectivity ports, including HDMI, USB, AV, and others, let you connect your Laptop, Computer, TV, or any device you have.

So, we recommend that the product be fully trusted and deliver what it claims. You shouldn’t wait for much longer!

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Very convenient to use even for a newbie
  • Flawless streaming with FHD and 2k resolution
  • Supporting couples of media devices
  • High level of brightness and longer lamp life
  • High contrast ratio
  • Portable, handy, and easy to carry
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • The sound quality is not as expected with its speakers

YABER 5G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector 4K: Best 4k Projector

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 9500 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 100000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Screen Size: up to 150 inches
  • Size: ‎9.84 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 150 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, 6W Hi-Fi stereo surround speaker, and much more

In-Depth Description:

Trust us, and let us take you into the world of cinema with some unique colors, textures, and compelling picture quality. With this one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio, your life will be problem-free, and your money will be in safer hands.

We bought this projector to test whether it can stream 4k videos or not. And guess what results came out?

Indeed the projector can do so because it is built to support the resolution. Being the best 4k projector with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it not only fulfills those high-demanded cinematic needs. Instead, one can use it for office work.

Take it and keep it in your hands because the projector is very portable, having very less weight that can be placed anywhere. The table-type mounting makes it easier to find a suitable place for your projector and project whatever you desire.

With this, the features are reasonably good under this price tag because it offers a brightness level that can easily compete against the sunlight.

It has a lamp life that lasts for a couple of years. Besides that, the easy connectivity through USB plug-and-play lets you present your presentations through PPT files, PDFs, Images, Word Docs, and anything you have in soft form.

Is It Worth Considering?

The projector fulfills your needs very easily for your specific needs to play audio on your favorite speakers through Bluetooth connectivity.

With this one, you get the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology enabling you to connect wireless speakers in no time.

Moreover, the projector has its own 6W Hi-fi Stereo speakers providing a unique SRS sound system. Such a feature ensures excellent auditory without even needing a pair of external speakers.

On top of that, this one has high-end Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you enjoy screen mirroring for games, videos, and photos, even from your Android or Apple smartphone. Plus, other devices give the Mira cast feature inability.

This is a value-for-money projector that one can have for lifetime projection solutions in his home, office, or anywhere else.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Extensive features for projection
  • Extreme duty speakers that come with built-in
  • 4-point keystroke correction for accessible zooming features
  • Endless lamp life
  • Very smart, comfortable to use, and easy to carry
  • Highly recommended for blazing movie results
  • Impressive wired and wireless connectivity

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • Keystone image adjustment sometimes does not work properly
  • Sometimes shows dots on the projection screen

TOPTRO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Projector: Best Performance

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 8000 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Screen Size: up to 200 inches
  • Size: ‎7.64 x 6.02 x 3.15 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 200 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, remote control, and much more

In-Depth Description:

What if you get a projector with everything working just fine with no flaws and complaints on any parts?

The TOPTRO is one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio that provides complaint-free performance for most buyers.

We also took this to our lab and checked whether there was anything that could be problematic. Hopefully, we didn’t find much.

The thing with this projector is that it is made for places where you have less space to install a projector. Have it and use it by getting familiar with its easy features.

The design and construction last longer for demanded durability, and features make your true cinematic desires have real value.

Get it and forget about the jiggling problems of having lots of wires around the floor. At the same time, the projector is connected to a device.

That is not going to happen here. The projector provides easy connectivity for mirror streaming movies, apps, games, videos, and more. You can connect your mobile and convert it to enjoy the content on a bigger screen.

With 8000 lumens, you can enjoy games directly through your X-BOX, even if the room’s main light is working.

Besides, your experience with this projector will be wholesome as it allows you to produce almost 200 inches of a bigger screen. Such a screen doesn’t come through any LCD or TV.

Is It Worth Considering?

Under all conditions, the projector is indeed worth considering. Because under a reasonable price tag, it provides the Bluetooth Audio facility that lets you connect your external speakers with the projector.

This one is awarded Bluetooth 5.0 chip that provides wide compatibility for most headphones and wireless speakers on the go.

It enables you to enjoy the best sound experience you have ever had through external devices by giving error-free music.

However, you cannot connect your phones or pads with the device, meaning only devices or speakers with Bluetooth connectivity can be connected.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent connectivity for multiple devices, including Laptops, Computers, and play stations
  • Amazing Addition of Wireless connectivity for screen mirroring
  • More brightness
  • Portable and compact projector to bring anywhere
  • Low noise production

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • A little expensive

TMY Mini Wi-Fi Projector 8000 Lumen: Best Outdoor Projector

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 8000 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080P,
  • Screen Size: up to 270 inches
  • Size: ‎‎10.2 x 10.08 x 6.06 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 270 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, app control, and much more

In-Depth Description:

When you try to stream your favorite movies, all that matters is the resolution a projector can provide. Have one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio, this TMY mini Wi-Fi projector, and give your dreams a fantastic reality.

When tested for streaming 1080p videos, the projector comes out exceptionally great. Because it can easily play, stream or visualize your most desired content. It doesn’t matter if such streaming comes through the LCDs, TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

This one gives you 180 ANSI and 8000 Lumens of LED brightness for viewing the images or videos in bright places. It is very handy, and you can easily place it on your table.

Moreover, the projector is built with 3LCD color calibrating and adjusting technology, providing the dynamic and true colors of everything being seen or displayed on the wall.

With this one-of-a-kind, you can produce the largest image of 270 inches that almost covers your wall.

We appreciate this brand’s work on its projector because you may not find projectors with perfect synchronization applications through Wi-Fi or USB cables.

However, there is more truth in believing that you don’t need cables. Because your life has been made easier by giving you wireless connectivity for screen mirroring and projecting through small devices, it includes both iPhone and Android.

Is It Worth Considering?

The projector doesn’t give you that feature for your specific Bluetooth audio feature. It means it is out of your list if you are still stuck with the same need.

However, with other quality specifications, you can have it as it doesn’t miss anything. Multiple connectivity options provide detailed video and audio through AVI, HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, and more.

It doesn’t matter if you have a laptop, Android, or IOS; everything will work smoothly. But you cannot find the Bluetooth audio here.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Easy to use and carry in multiple places
  • Extensive cinema experience with 270 inches screen
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Higher lumens of brightness
  • Longer lamp life
  • Impressive picture quality with true colors

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • No Bluetooth audio connectivity
  • The image brightness may not appear the same as it is mentioned

Artlii Enjoy2 Wireless Wi-Fi Projector: Premium With Wi-Fi

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 120 ANSI
  • Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080P,
  • Screen Size: up to 300 inches
  • Size: ‎8.07 x 6.3 x 3.54 inches
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 300 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, and much more

In-Depth Description:

Do not get tired because the beauty of these best projectors with Bluetooth audio is just to begin. Here, the projector marked its place on this list is much appreciated for its brightness.

We realized its 120ANSI brightness level reveals true and rich picture quality in darker or brighter environments.

This one, with its comprehensive specifications including the FHD result, LED lighting, up to 1000:1 contrast ratio, and all that comes built-in, ensure what you expect.

Try this one, and you will have a clearer, wider, richer image on the screen just in front of your eyes.

Enjoy wireless phone mirroring without needing wires with its premium Wi-Fi feature. It lets you connect your phones/iPad/laptops, and other devices with the projector.

However, to ensure error-free syncing and mirroring the projector and connected device must be on the same network.

The best and most appraising thing we liked about this projector is that it can provide you with the widest image.

No projector in this list can produce up to 300-inch large images. But the Artlii Enjoy2 provides you with that blessing.

Is It Worth Considering?

Indeed it is worth considering. Because this best home theater projector with Bluetooth audio fulfills your needs for connecting the audio with the external speakers, it comes with that feature signifying that you can have control over the music.

There is no problem if you connect headphones or a large pair of speakers with this device. The projector will easily handle it.

Besides that, the projector gives you 5-watt dual built-in Hi-Fi speakers, ensuring that if you don’t need the external ones, you are good with these.

Moreover, we would love to tell you that the projector provides multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, AV, SD CARD, AV, and more.

Bring those laptops, TV Sticks, Smartphones, PS3, PS4, and X Box gaming consoles with this projector. Carrying it to the places you visit is also comfortable.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • In-built Bluetooth Audio for external speakers
  • Extensive screen with richer results
  • ANSI Brightness for ensuring more brightness level
  • Comfortable, easy to use, and easy to carry
  • Comes at an affordable price tag

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • The external speakers are not loud

GROVIEW Outdoor Movie Projector with 100: Best 720P Projector

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 6000 Lumens
  • Lamp Life: 80,000 hours
  • Contrast Ratio: 6000:1
  • Native Resolution: 720p
  • Screen Size: up to 240 inches
  • Size: ‎5.87 x 7.36 x 3.03 inches
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Connectivity: VGA, USB, HDMI, SD, AV, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 240 inches bigger screen, screen mirroring, and much more

In-Depth Description:

Having a projector that can be mounted on the ceiling by keeping the same high-level expectations on the image quality side is a blessing.

Because when your projector is on the wall ceiling, you will save space, keep children away, and bring more convenience to the projection Ing of your favorite tv shows or movies.

So, are you ready to watch Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead through GROVIEW outdoor movie projector?

Yes, you can do that because, with 6000 lumens of brightness, these shows or other movie suggestions can be watched anytime.

However, you may not get the FHD resolution because the projector only includes HD 720p native resolution.

That’s a thing that bit goes towards the negative side of the projector. But if your budget is tight, your choice is best for this projector.

It is just the resolution that comes a bit low. But the other features, including lamp life, up to 240 inches bigger screen, and everlasting ceiling mount, make it perfect!

Is It Worth Considering?

The best thing to talk about this GROVIEW projector is its Bluetooth Audio feature, providing you the connectivity to listen to your favorite music, your game sound, and movie voices through some quality external speakers.

The projector comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and 3W dual stereo speakers having an SRS sound system. This specification lets you enjoy the superior sound experience of this smart and portable mini projector.

Besides, the projector stands on higher ground for extraordinary connectivity through several hardware interfaces. It includes the prominent ones: HDMI, USB, AVI, and more.

Things We Liked After Testing:

  • The mini projector which is very compact and portable
  • Has multiple connectivity options
  • 3W built-in speakers plus Bluetooth Audio
  • A good screen with up to 240 inches display
  • Lamp life is extensive
  • Comes at a reasonable price tag

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • Not an FHD projector

XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector: With Battery

Technical Specifications:

  • Brightness: 300 ANSI lumen
  • Lamp Life: 30,000 hours
  • Native Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Screen Size: up to 100 inches
  • Size: ‎51 x 3.94 x 3.54 inches
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling Mount
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Unique Features: Bluetooth feature for audio, Wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, up to 100 inches bigger screen, Built-In Battery, Screen mirroring, and much more

In-Depth Description:

Last but not least, one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio on this list will penetrate your mind and dive into your heart.

We don’t say that the projector can provide you with all the features of the above-given high-end projectors. Yet, it is something that gives you value for money.

The mini projector is of can size and fits easily in most places. It can be installed on your roof ceiling, making projection possible over a 100 inches screen.

The 300 ANSI Lumens may not be good for brighter places. But it works awesomely when the streaming is done in darker places.

You can bring this masterpiece and handy projector anywhere you want because it gives you a built-in battery feature that can stream for almost 2 hours without charge.

A person like me can easily watch 2 to 3 episodes of my favorite tv show during this time until I go to sleep.

The resolution is also good because it provides quality projection on 1080p native resolution with true colors and immersive results. Have it watch movies, stream games, videos, images, etc.

Get Chromecast support, 3D support, Android Tv, and much more with this small piece of technology that will not let you down anywhere and anytime.

Is It Worth Considering?

Even this small, the projector brings 3W Harman Kardon Built-in speakers. You can listen to your favorite music either through the speakers this projector offers.

Or you can also use the Bluetooth audio feature to connect your specific type of audio device with it.

So, it doesn’t matter if you want to hear openly through speakers or your headphones. The projector makes those things possible.

Things We Like After Testing:

  • Small in size and very handy
  • Easy to use and easy installation
  • Comes with good connectivity options
  • Value for money is offering more for less
  • Built-in speakers and Chromecast support through Wi-Fi
  • Can run on battery whenever needed for watching movies

Things We Think Need Improvement:

  • Not that durable and long-lasting product
  • The speakers don’t provide the demanded quality
  • Less battery life

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Projectors With Bluetooth Audio:

We know that it is always a complicated thing to decide which projector is best for you. And especially, it gets too complicated when you don’t know what specific factors you should consider in a specific one.

Because these factors help you decide on a quality product without concerning whether you are buying a projector or something else.

In this case, we would like to highlight some important features you should keep in mind while buying a projector for your needs.

These will help you make a qualified and worthwhile purchase. Please have a look!

Bluetooth Audio Feature:

Since you are looking for the best projector with Bluetooth audio features, you must have a keen eye and look deeper.

It is to be done to ensure whether the product you choose has this feature or not.

Because sometimes, your selection could be wrong and lead to many difficulties, including returning the product, etc.

The best thing is that up to 9 products on this list have eloquent Bluetooth audio features. You can narrow down your decision on any of these projectors.


The next important things that will signify the quality of a projector to let you watch your most desired pieces are brightness and lamp life. First, consider what brightness means and what you should look for in this specific feature.

A projector’s brightness simply means how an image or a video can be bright depending on the environment in which the projector is placed. Usually, the brightness is measured in ANSI or simply Lumens.

The benchmark with the brightness of a lamp is that the more it will be, the better you will be able to watch images, even if there is a lot of light in the room or outside.

However, low lumens of brightness means your movies or media can only be seen in dark places.

Therefore, more brightness with a projector means your projector can present your cinema in brighter places.

Lamp Life:

The next thing is Lamp Life. Different projectors come with different lamp lives. It simply means for how much period the lens of your projector will keep working.

Low lamp life means you have to spend more money, and it will require you to change the lamp repeatedly.

But the higher number of lamp life hours means you don’t need to spend your money again. If a lamp comes with you to 30,000 hours of lamp life and you use it for almost 4 hours daily, it can easily run for 8 to 9 months.

This running comes without replacement; if you are lucky, the lamp can run even further. So, having a projector with more lamp life means saving money, time and effort.

Portability And Ease Of Usage:

While looking for a projector for any need, ensure that the device is portable and easy to carry. It must have less weight so that you can bring it anywhere.

On top of that, your projector must be efficient at running and providing you with comfort for a lifetime. This will be specified through the weight and dimensions of a specific projector.

Resolution And Screen Size:

Different projectors come with different resolutions. Some can give you 4k results, some FHD, and some only HD.

So, it is your decision as to which one you need to select for your specific needs. However, we recommend choosing a high-quality FHD projector for your movie or cinematic passion.

Apart from this, the projectors can project images on various screen sizes, including 100 to 300 inches.

Focus your mind on the screen size you want inside your home, and then choose the projector that can provide it.

Mounting Type:

It totally depends on how and where you want to use your projector. You can select a ceiling mount type projector if you’re going to install it with the ceiling.

Or you can go for a table type or tripod mount projector if you have intentions for such type of placement.


The last important thing you need to specify in a projector is the hardware interface it provides. You should select a projector that may provide you with connectivity through USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, AV, or other mediums.

Because without decent connectivity, you will not be able to connect devices you want to stream through with your projector.

Final Thoughts:

Conclusively, one of the best projectors with Bluetooth audio is the one that comes packed with all the extraordinary features and versatilities. We have discussed the top 10 projectors in this guide with their every detail. We hope that after reading this guide, your decision will be easier. There are top 3 projectors mentioned at the top of this guide. You can choose from them if you think you don’t have the will and time to read about every project one by one. Moreover, your queries and suggestions are always welcome.

Hence, thanks for spending time and energy and giving us value. We wish to see you with your projector. Have many blessings, and have a wonderful day!

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