Best karaoke mixers in 2022, reviews & buyers guide

Most people are familiar with a single function of a karaoke mixer, which is, mixing signals, but there is more to that.

Sound mixing consoles have a phantom power, which changes the sound location while in the stereo.  This sound location change enables sound filtering and equalization, which boosts the sound frequency for higher sound output.

While in sound recording, mixers provide sound compression, which increases the sound gain for a quality voice recording. Also, due to the filtering capabilities, a mixer can be used in cleaning unwanted noises from recorded audio.

Do you need the best mixers for karaoke nights? Here is a review of the best karaoke mixers and a guide for the buying process.

Top 3 Picks the Best karaoke mixers


How did we pick the best mixers for karaoke?

Before we get started on the review, it would help to elucidate the criteria used to identify these best karaoke mixers among countless mixing consoles.

First, it was a hive of researching activities from reviews of the commonly used karaoke mixers and consulting the industry experts. In this step, we had a list of approximately 80 mixers.

Later was the actual testing stage. Luckily we have a large team, so it wasn't as tedious as expected. Lastly, we took the feedback from different people and later analyzed our results. Well, it wasn't as easy as you are likely.

However, we are over the moon to finally, in poise, present the best karaoke mixers that we've individually reviewed and proved they are worth it.

Detailed Reviews

1. Sound Town wireless microphone karaoke mixer system

Best mixer for vocalists

A mixer with a wide range of compatibility implies you can operate several accessories at the same time. Consequently, it would be easy to upgrade the sound output, which is essential for a memorable karaoke night. That is one of the numerous things that set the karaoke mixers from the Sound Town brand apart.

Also, its incomparable versatility makes it compatible with SWM15-PROS, HDMI ARC, smart TVs, home receivers, among the many other input-output connectors. Consequently, you can count it effortlessly to broadcast your lyrics such that the audience can sing along and increase the sound echo to magnify the booming sound.

Yet, it has one of the preeminent audio ports, which support optical output and a 3.5mm jack. Due to that fantastic functionality, it supports several soundbars such that you can choose whichever goes with your party's mode. Some of the soundbars that it supports are 300/500/700, Vizio, and Samsung

The best part?

If you are a karaoke DJ looking for the best mixer, the intuitive tone controls will give you an easy time winning your fans' hearts. Why? Coupling the tone controls and the echo adjustment feature, you can easily mix the signals without hiring extra equipment, as is usually the case.

Sound Town Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System



  • SWM15-PROS multiple input/output support
  • HDMI arc function
  • 16 UHF selectable frequencies
  • 3.5mm audio optical combo output 

The Pros

  • Without additional equipment, you can mix the signals with music
  • It has up to 16 selectable frequencies
  • Supports more than one wireless mic
  • It supports the Vizio, Samsung, and many more soundbars

The Cons

  • The HDMI cable is not included

2. Yamaha MG06X 6-input compact stereo mixer

2.Best mixer for concerts

Audio effects are software or hardware that manipulate the sound output by changing different parameters such as the rate or drive to make the music lively. They are indispensable while recording music or when holding a party that seeks to shake the entire city. Unfortunately, most mixers do not include them; hence you may have to bear an extra cost.

However, there is something unique with the Yamaha 6-input mixer, which is why it is commonly used in most celebrities' concerts.

Against all odds, it includes in-built audio effects that will help make your concert or home part lively. Yes, you can change the frequency of the audio or the speed only with this mixer.

But, that is only a hint of what this expertly crafted item has to offer.

Moving on is a three-band EQ filter. Before I dive in, have you ever listened to an audio mix and thought it would be better if certain noises would be eliminated? Well, that is what the EQ filter facilitates. It makes it possible to filter the unwanted noises in recorded audio thus, giving clean audio.

Also, if you are planning to record music with your mixer, something is in store for you. A one-knob compressor is quite handy in producing a cleaner vocal sound and livelier bass guitar outputs. In short, this mixer got it all to promise every vocalist or a DJ the most fantastic performance.

 YAMAHA MG06X 6-Input Compact Stereo Mixer


  • Up to 6 channels support
  • 48v phantom power
  • SPX digital audio effects
  • Three-band EQ filters

The Pros

  • Rugged construction, hence impact resistant for durability
  • Has most uncomplicated controls for fast, responsive controls
  • You can filter out unwanted noises for a cleaner mix
  • Supports up to 6 channels 

The Cons

  • The knob setting is slightly complex

3. Fifine UHF Dual channel wireless handheld microphone

Best microphone for live performance

Stage management is the most significant thing in a live performance. Unfortunately, failure to have an excellent operating microphone may significantly limit your movements on the stage.  Not to say that would alienate a part of your audience, which is not good.

The Fifine UHF dual-channel microphone prides in a quite lengthy operating range with effortlessness to receive and send signals. Consequently, you can get closer to every part of the audience, creating a connection that is essential if you need your fans back in your next live performance.

Addedly, with these mics, up to 3 vocalists can sing in chorus. But the most fantastic thing is that with the three vocalists on the stage, the DJ can control the mics differently as per specific vocalists' needs. Due to that reason, these mics are the best not only on karaoke nights, but also in schools or churches.

Above all, you do not require a mixer to adjust the microphone signals of these products. Even better, you can easily adjust their individual echo effects.

Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone



  • 80 feet operating range
  • ¼ inch input
  • Separate sound control for3 mics
  • 1x1/4 inch audio cable

The Pros

  • Its interference ability is quite strong
  • Very lightweight for portability
  • Echo adjustability
  • They do not require a mixer

4. Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX Compact studio mixer

Best mixer  for post-production 

Besides seeking perfection in their skills, the entertainment personalities should pay more attention to their daily equipment. Why? Take a look; despite having the best deejaying skills, a mixer with poor control responsiveness or low power will result in weaker sound outputs.

That is the reason why the Alesis brand remains at the heart of most singers and deejays. It is a true embodiment of equipment that should go along with your many years of expertise. Even better, it is a perfect choice for the newbies in the entertainment industry to help you quickly earn public attention.

What's unique about this studio mixer?

First,  It is the built-in effects.  It has high-quality DSP effects, which have the most exceptional delays, phasers among other effects.

Beyond that, it is quite a powerful mixer to give ground-shaking sound outputs. How do I know? Its power rating is 48v and has a high impedance input making it quite robust.

Also, for the longest time, it has been quite problematic to have an authentic post-production recording. Luckily, this brand introduced a USB audio interface, making it possible to record directly on a computer. Thus, it is an excellent choice for post-production setups


  • Four-channel mixer
  • ¼ inches line inputs
  • 48v phantom power
  • Dual-band EQ
  • High pass filters

The Pros

  • You can filter out unwanted noises in a recording
  • It has built-in sound effects for a livelier performance
  • The LED gives a more noticeable visual feedback
  • A USB audio interface for fast transferring of to a computer

The Cons

  • Its voice recording need to be improved

5. Behringer Xenyx 502 premium 5-input 2-bus mixer

The preamps are the criticaldeterminant of the sound quality in mixers. That is, they determine the direction of the mix and its quality. In regard to that, the Behringer manufacturer didn't only promise grade-A sound quality but also delivered the promise.

The Behringer mixer has a XENYX Mic preamp switch with an excellent circuit, which renders more power and lower impedance. Consequently, the sound travels at a lower resistance resulting in higher sound quality.

High-quality filters are indispensable to the vocalists, for they help in filtering out unwanted noises. Thus, they are quite handy in extracting the most authentic vocals. Resultantly, to earn the vocalists the best experience, this mixer contains one of the best filters, excellent in getting the cleanest recordings.

Similarly, yet it doesn't beat the logic of most people how this mixer remains to be robust and yet consumes lower power in comparison to the items of its standard. It is a go-for item if you are not ready to compromise your mixer's sound output but need to conserve your power.

Additionally, most people overlook the portability of the mixers. Noting that you are likely to be worn out after long hours of performance, transporting a heavy mixer from the stage is the last thing you can expect. The good news is that the Behringer mixer is super light and even takes a small space on the stage.

Behringer Xenyx 502 Premium 5-Input 2-Bus Mixer



  • 13W power consumption
  • 2-band EQ
  • XENYX mic preamp
  • 5-input mixer 

The Pros

  • An immensely powerful mixer with lower power consumption
  • Lightweight and takes small stage space
  • Due to its preamps, it has a higher sound quality
  • Its filters are excellent in extracting the cleanest voice recordings 

The Cons

  • Has only 1 EQ channel

6. Hisonic dual-channel MA-3800k mixing amplifier

Best mixer for stage performances

The Hisonic Dual channel karaoke amplifier prides itself in straightforward controls offered by 11 steps digital key control. The essentialcontrols are strategically positioned for fast accessibility and extraordinarily responsive for effective voice or audio changes.

Similarly, its microphone system focuses on solving most of the stage problems while using a microphone.

To begin, it supports up to 3 microphones. Traditionally amplifiers would only offer a single control for all the microphones in use. However, for this modern item, every microphone has its channel of control. I mean, you can change the echo, bass, volume, or balance of a specific microphone. 

Also, due to the likelihood of overheating among the consideration while acquiring an amplifier is a well-working fan. Unfortunately, most of the amplifier fans in the market are quite noisy. Hence, it would be problematic to record sound after using an amplifier for an extended time.

What's the point here?

This amplifiers' cooling fan is quite useful in its work, but most uniquely, it has the most silent operations. Honestly, even after long hours of using the amplifier, you will not hear any buzzing sound.

Hisonic Dual Channel MA-3800K Karaoke Mixing


  • 760w amplifier
  • 11 step digital essential control
  • Three microphone input
  • 380w @8 ohm audio output

The Pros

  • The knobs have a direct adjustment for intuitiveness
  • It has a relatively high base for world-shaking concerts
  • The microphones have separate controls
  • Its cooling fan is relatively silent 

The Cons

  • The microphone turns off when a high voice is used

7. IDOLmain 6000W professional digital karaoke amplifier

Best mixers for newbies

Are you a newbie DJ? Are you looking for a mixing console with the most straightforward controls and the best sound qualities? I dare you to check the Idolmain 6000W professional digital karaoke amplifier. What are my reasons?

One is its LCD monitor control section.  Typically mixers have knob controls for the sound properties. Thus, it may take ages to master which knob is for changing a specific property. Not to say, while using knobs whose responsiveness is slow, the changes may delay resulting in messed up audios.

With the LCD control point, you can easily read the sound property and click on it to change. In reality, this mixer control point imitates the working of a smartphone.

To add, this mixer supports Bluetooth connection.

What's the catch here?

You can easily connect the mixer with your phone or computer to quickly transfer the recorded songs or even use wireless audio streaming from the phone.  Hence, lesser cable connections.

Nevertheless, the power rating of a mixing console significantly affects the output audio. As a matter of fact, the high is the power rating, the better is the sound quality.  Regarding that, this item has a power rating of 6000w. Thus, it releases authentic sounds to give the best ambiance to the audience.

IDOLmain 6000W Professional Digital Karaoke Mixing



  • 3000w power output
  • Built-in MP3 player module
  • Bluetooth connection support
  • USB recording support

The Pros

  • You can stream wirelessly from your phone
  • High sound quality
  • It has low, high, and mid-volume controls
  • A noiseless excellent cooling fan
  • Very light for portability 

The Cons

  • It consumes a lot of power

8. Marin Ranger HDDDVD950PRO HDMI Digital karaoke player with mic mixer

Best mixer for voice recording 

For the Marin ranger karaoke mixer, it will not only make your sound livelier but also offer the most precise pictures of the HDMI output. What makes it such an excellent item to consider?

Alongside its 1920x1080 resolutions of the HDMI is a digital recording system.  You can record speech dictations and vocals alongside audio without using a disc player with this recording system.

Beyond that, you can easily convert the traditional CD+G discs to modern MP3G files. How? This mixture incorporates one of the best CD+G to MP3G converters. To use the converter, just place the disc on a tray and wait as it encodes to the available storage device

Also, if you like having your song list priory prepared, I guess this is the perfect mixer for you due to its karaoke song list creator function. You need only to provide the song information and number, and then its DVD950PRO will scan the drive and create a new file containing the highlighted songs.

Lastly, this item is excellent for home use, especially with a television, due to its HDMI cable. What about it?

Its HDMI cable output images are clearest than ever. Actually, its pictures have a resolution of 1920x1080 that highlights the tiniest details of the images.

 Marin Ranger HDDVD950PRO HDMI Digital Karaoke Player with Mic Mixer



  • Supports CD+G to MP3G converter
  • Inbuilt song list creator
  • 1920x1080 resolutions HDMI output

The Pros

  • It has a USB reader functionality for digital files
  • You can simultaneously record vocals along with an audio
  • Its ripping speed is relatively fast
  • Its HDMI pictures are quite clear 

The Cons

  • It can read only a limited number of files

Who should buy a karaoke mixer?

A karaoke mixer, also known as a sound mixing console, is an electronic device that receives sound signals and makes appropriate adjustments to create a livelier,pleasing sound. 

A mixer's adjustments include adding audio effects, ambiance, frequency, and EQ.

Due to their effectiveness in upgrading the audios, karaoke mixers have become indispensable tools to individuals in the entertainment industry. Thus, if you are a DJ or a vocalist, you should consider getting a karaoke mixer.

Also, if you have a system that needs sound reinforcement such as film post-production, television, nightclubs, recording studio, or public address system, you should consider purchasing a karaoke mixer.

Buyer's Guide:

Important features to consider in buying a karaoke mixer

As the adage states, doing the right isn't the problem but failing to know what is right. Unfortunately, in this era where we got knowledge at our disposal, we got no apologies for failing to have sufficient knowledge.

What is my point?

At a mere glance, it is difficult to identify the best karaoke mixer. Thus, you should be armed with details on the key features to look for in a karaoke mixer. No more stories! Let me give details on the features that will help to identify the item to pay for quickly.

A). Compatibility

Is this mixer compatible with my audio system, speakers, or microphone? That should be the first question to answer after identifying the mixer of your interests. As it insinuates, mixers are limited in their compatibility. Thus they can support a specific type of component.

Related: high end karaoke speakers

B). Sound quality

Sound quality is everything for a karaoke mixer. The mixer should produce a powerful rumbling sound and the most efficient sound controls.

What affects the sound quality of a mixer?

It is the input power. It would be best to consider a high, but manageable input power, enhanced preamps, and a lower impendence for a powerful mixer.

C). Cooling fan

Mixers are prone to overheating. As you could guess, excessive heat results in circuit damage. For that reason, most of the mixers incorporate a cooling fan to maintain favorable internal temperatures. So what is of concern here?
First, the fan should be powerful to maintain favorable temperatures, essential for the mixer longevity efficiently. As well, considering that typically fans are noisy, at least consider a less noisy fan.

D). Number of channels

Basically, a channel in a mixer is a signal path for a connected accessory. Meaning, you can only connect a number of accessories equivalent to your mixer's total number of channels.
The point?
Always consider a mixer with a few more channels than you need.

E). Effects

If you will not use any other extra equipment to improve the sound effects, then a mixer with sound effects is paramount.

Effects help improve the frequency, among other sound factors. Luckily, most modern mixers have in-built sound effects

F). Weight

When not buying a karaoke mixer for home theater use, then you should also consider its weight. Why?

You will regularly have to shift the location of your mixer. Thus with a heavyweight item, that might be quite complicated. Hence, always go for a slightly lightweight karaoke mixer

Final Thoughts

In conjunction with perfecting the skills, entertainment industry personalities should pay attention to their equipment. For instance, if you are a vocalist, you should consider a mixer that gives the cleanest possible voices.

It is essential for deejays to look for a mixer with silent operations, fast responding controls, and, if possible, sound effects.

Well, there a lot of things to consider if you want to take your karaoke nights, live performances, and sound recording to the next level. And this article is focused on lifting the load for you.

It reviews mixers in the market that are the epitome of real expert crafting for a mixer. A step further, it sheds light on the factors that you should regard to get the best mixer.  Simply, the insights in this piece are worth your time.

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